cropcwsWE’RE all guilty of doing silly things when we’re drunk.

Who among us has never stolen a traffic cone, took a piss in a bush or shoved an entire banana up your own anus? BBM certainly has.

But we’d have to be sensationally smashed to think that clambering on top of a crocodile for a fun ride would be a good idea.

Borderline alcoholic Michael Newman felt otherwise and had no hesitation climbing over a barbed wire fence at Broome Crocodile Park and jumping on the back of a croc called Fatso. Fatso duly clamped his jaws around Mike’s leg. Amazingly, the pissed off croc then let go and Mike legged it back to the pub, where he had another beer – until locals noticed the huge gash in his leg and called an ambulance.

“When I started walking, I could feel all the bones cracked inside my kneecap, and all the blood spurting out,” said Mike.

“I went out to the pub. I needed a beer after all that excitement. And the man gave me a beer and called an ambulance.”