Can’t mum be such a bitch sometimes? Like when she doesn’t cut the crust off your sandwiches or comes in your room in the morning to tell you you’re going to be late for your job at the petrol station.

Well, one man has finally said “no more” and done what we’ve all been dreaming about for years – he pulled a gun on his mum, took her keys and mobile phone and held her hostage for six hours, because she refused to iron his clothes.

“It’s woman’s work,” the 29-year-old Georgia man told Sergeant Marc Griffith of the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office.

“Mama finally said, ‘I’m not ironing your clothes,’ and he went cuckoo on her,” Griffith told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution what the brave man said in his testimony.

After the six hours, the 51-year-old mother managed to escape and make it to the local police station.