Lucky IrishAs anyone who’s read BBM on a regular basis will tell you, we pride ourselves on our politically correct attitude towards journalism. Whether it’s a story about some dirty slapper shagging an old man, or a fat American shooting a load of people, we always endeavour never to use outdated stereotypes to get our point across. Which is why we were vomiting in rage this week when we heard that a poor bloke from Dublin had been subjected to a merciless barrage of Irish jokes while on a cruise.

Carnival plc – owner of P&O Cruises – was successfully sued by John Wolfe, who said the gags by two stand-up comedians left him feeling insulted. Wolfe first raised the issue while on a cruise in 2007, when the comedians told a series of anti-Irish jokes. Purely in the interests of journalism, we will include one of these tasteless jokes here: “What’s an Irishman with half a brain? Gifted!”

The retired builder, 74, was offered vouchers and assured by Carnival that it would ban such jokes. Jokes like: “Have you heard about the Irish abortion clinic? There’s a 12-month waiting list.”

However, he and his wife were shocked when four other comedians used similar material on a P&O cruise the following year. Material such as: “Did you know that 66 per cent of Irish people like Jedward? That’s two turds.”

“They can’t tell them about Jews, blacks or Muslims but Paddy is OK,” said Mr Wolfe. “This must be stopped.”

Quite right Mr Wolfe. We must stop jokes such as “My mum won the Irish lottery. She owes them $6million” or “Have you heard about the Irish kamikaze pilot? He’s on his 23rd mission” from ever being heard again.

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