Doing drugs will get you no where

We’d put money on the fact that we reckon Paris Hilton never considered the implications on her jet setting life style whilst she’s been taking all these drugs. The dopey heiress was held back at immigration when she arrived in Tokyo due to her recent cocaine allegation. The 29-year-old was due to appear at a store alongside her sister Nicky to hold a handbag sale (to fund her expensive habit perhaps?). Hmm we’d probably rather hang out for 6 hours at Narita Airport instead of attend a handbag sale with her. Naturally her spokesperson has piped up, commenting, ‘Paris was delayed by immigration authorities at a Japanese airport this evening after arriving for business obligations,’ said her spokesman. ‘She was contractually bound to her business trip and didn’t want to let down her brands and many Asian fans.’ They’re pretty hot on drugs in the Far East so we’re gathering her tour around Jakarta, Indonesia, and Malaysia will not be a walk in the park for her – but hey at least she’s becoming a pro crim now, she can add it to her CV of adult movie star, crap movie star, reality tv star, business woman and model (for her own crap).