Does A Bear Sh1t In The Woods?Well according to Canadian couple, Mark and Dawn Dumas…no. The couple adopted 18-month old Billy the Brown Bear and have since been taking the big bugger down the pub for a few games of pool and a pint.

The couple commented on their rather odd pet, saying…
“Billy is very intelligent and has a really good spirit. He is very good natured and he learns fast.

“His favourite food is jam and he loves tucking into a jar when Dawn and I have a picnic.

“He’s been with us since he was a cub. I wanted to take him to the beach because bears have a natural affinity with water, and I knew he’d enjoy it.

“He loved splashing around in the waves, and now he loves our pool.”

Apparently Mr Dumas trains all sorts of different animals for TV so he’s pretty sure that he’s not going to wake up to find that Billy’s devoured half his wife’s face in the night.

Get a cat or a dog you freaks!

By Fanny Frangipane

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