Daywalkers gather for red headed festivalWe all have our personal views on their kind, be it wariness, sympathy, or maybe they simply offer a huge amount of LOLz for you, but whatever it is they certainly know how to draw attention to themselves.

In an attempt to boost their confidence red heads joined forces en masse in Breda in the south of Holland for the fifth annual ‘red-hair day’. Of course there is one main criteria if you are to attend this free two day festival and that is that you must possess naturally red hair. The event focuses not just on the colour of the attendants’ hair, but on everything to do with the colour red with numerous activities organized including individual photoshoots, a fashion show and even lectures about ginger hair. There are also music events and a group picnic.

The good thing about this festival is that bringing red heads together creates more opportunities for breeding to keep the ginger ninjas alive as they are an imperative cog for taking the piss.

We’re wondering if you can get in if you just have ginger pubes…