Crying over SpiltCrying Over Spilt Milk
A mother (or so she says…) has been held captive by airport security for more than an hour over her stored breast milk.

Stacey Armato was carrying 340 grams of breast milk in a container and asked for it not to be passed through the x-ray scanner due to possible radiation.

Instead, she was made to wait in a glass security box as she attempted to use your lawyer experience to get out of the sticky situation.

To be honest, if we found somebody carrying containers of breast milk around an airport- without a child on hand, we’d be locking her in a glass chamber too.

Armato (pictured) claims that she was trapped in the security box because she made a complaint the previous week, and that the security staff can “arrest you if you don’t play along with their horse and pony show.”

Horse and Pony show?! Where’s this airport located, we wanna go!