cracking onYou’ve kind of got to love a bit of a rock n’roll story, no matter how debauched it is. 63-year-old Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood has divulged the details on how bad his £3000 a day crack habit got back in the 80’s, commenting, “It got to the point where I would be on my hands and knees looking for crumbs that might have fallen out of the crack pipe. ” Ok we can picture that sort of level of crack whoreness from the rocker, however this is the bit that sadly made the corners of our mouths curl up, despite the fact that BBM does not condone drugs in any way, but this is a bit too funny, and why anyone would admit to this is beyond our comprehension, Wood commented, “I even banned my children eating meringues in the house after I ended up smoking sugar, believing it to be cocaine.” So he must have been pretty cracked out if he thought giant hard whips of sugar were crack, or maybe he’d gone into a magical Hansel and Gretal land, either way it must be pretty annoying if you’re a kid and your dad’s trying to steal your sweets and smoke them.