Crack in skullsAmerican prat Dante Autullo is as hard as nails. Literally. The nutjob accidentally fired a nail gun into his head last month but, because there was only a small scratch on the surface of his scalp, he wrongly assumed it had just been a glancing blow. As a result, he walked around with a nine-centimetre nail stuck inside his skull for two days before deciding to go to hospital.

The father of four finally went for treatment after complaining of nausea and headaches following a nap.
Doctors hailed him as something of a medical miracle as he was ‘walking and talking’ – and later revealed the nail had lodged itself just millimetres from the section that controls motor functions.

Dante’s fiancée (what a lovely turn of phrase!) Gail Glaenzer said she thought it was ‘a miracle’ he had survived, after undergoing successful surgery in Oak Lawn, Illinois, to remove the nail and install a titanium plate in his skull.

“Un-freaking-believable,” she exclaimed in the uncouth manner of a true American.

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