GEEZ, things just keep getting worse and worse. Elderly couples go missing, more people are stabbed and a young woman is attacked while jogging. BBM initially thought she was attacked while ‘wearing jeggings’ but quickly changed our approval after re-reading the article. Our bad.


That’s why we’d like to thank constable Peter Karras for lightening up our day – being caught alone in his car in a black ladies G-string, bra and six-inch high heels while committing an “offensive act.”


Sounds like a normal weekend to us.


Two officers patrolling the area spotted Karras about 10.40pm, wearing a black ladies G-string that exposed his penis, as well as a black bra, several gold necklaces and matching bracelets and high heels.


Karras was charged with behaving in an offensive manner in a public place. That girl wearing jeggings should’ve been charged with the same offense!