Oh crap, Clinton Cards has gone into administration. Where the hell are we going to get last minute tacky birthday and anniversary cards now? The pig from space and the pigeon on the motorbike can’t exactly deliver within half an hour, which is how much time we usually leave ourselves.

So what went wrong? Poor Clintons have been reporting losses for a while, and recently they’ve been unable to pay back loans, meaning they had to go into talks about calling it a day.

Maybe it’s because no one really wants a talking card of Little Britain characters which costs £7, or one which says ‘Arsenal’s No 1 Fan,’ because let’s face it, no one would admit to being a Gooner.

It is a genuinely sad day for the UK’s biggest card retailer who has been around since 1968. With 628 Clinton shops and 139 Birthday stores set to close, we’re guessing 99p stores will soon be there to take their place.

Guess we better pop to Paperchase and see if they’ve got any ‘sorry you’re going into administration cards’ then.

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