We Brit’s will put up with a lot but when it come to insulting our sovereign, Queen Elizabeth II, well that’s just crossing the line!


Singer/presenter Charlotte Church, spurned by the Queens failure to recognise her caused quite a stir from comments she made to Esquire:


 “I’ve met [the Queen] about seven times and she never remembers me. When you get close to her, you realise she’s an old woman and has no idea what is going on.


“I feel really sorry for her. She probably doesn’t want to be wheeled out at every Royal Variety Performance to watch scantily clad dancers and shitty comedians.”


The backlash has lead to church issuing a statement of apology through the Guardian newspaper.


“I am deeply sorry if my comments about the Queen caused offence. I am honoured to have met her and have an enormous amount of respect for her and what she does.”


The last we heard the shitty comedians, are still waiting for theirs.


By Vanessa Higgins