Christmas Tree Thief Leaves a Telling Trail Police in West Yorkshire this week arrested a Christmas tree thief after following a trail of pine needles that led right to the culprit’s front door.

John Dacre, owner of the nursery in Spendborough where the trees were pilfered, called Police in after an overnight raid.

“I got up to find the Christmas trees had gone, along with wrought iron tree stands, holly wreaths, some little conifer trees decorated with snow, and bird tables,” John told The Daily Mirror.

Once Police arrived John joined them on their rigorous investigation:

“I called the police, they were here within minutes and we found this trail of pine needles […] We walked together following this trail through the pouring rain and I joked that all we needed was a big magnifying glass and then we’d be real super sleuths.”

At the end of the trail John and the Police found not only the five trees that were stolen from Park House Nurseries but a Cannabis farm.

The unnamed 17 year old in question has been arrested on suspicion of burglary and cultivating cannabis. Oh, and we hear he’s also won West Yorkshire Police’s award for Most Cunning Thief of 2011.

Well, it is the North…

By Rebecca Jones

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