Chav Mother Blames House Parties on GhostA chavvy young mother has been evicted from her house after blaming all night, every night parties on a poltergeist.

After a period of upsetting neighbours, Leanne Fennell would play loud music all night. One neighbour commented on the hell raisers antics saying, “She told us a poltergeist would keep switching the music on really loud when she was in bed. Some of the neighbours had a terrible time. There was always bottles and bottles of wine and cider just chucked in the garden. She had at least four huge bonfires to burn some of the rubbish that was in there. Eventually, it went too far and we’d had enough.”

The 20-year-old mother was finally brought to justice by magistrates when she was ordered to pay fines of £370 and costs of £500 to Hull city council. Fennell also had her four televisions, four DVD players and a CD player taken away to be destroyed.

So it just shows, if you can’t behave and the council will take your toys away.

That reminds us, see that police car you think we pissed on last week, the traffic cones you think we stole and placed upon peoples cars, and that person you thought you saw wondering down the middle of the street with their pants round their ankles whilst singing Rihanna’s ‘Only Girl In The World’ whilst clutching their butt cheeks… it wasn’t us, it was a wood nymph.

By Fanny Frangipane

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