caughtoncameraFANCY getting paid £1000 to watch drunk teenagers shagging down a back alley on your laptop? BBM certainly does – but then who wouldn’t want to get paid for their hobby right?
Well it seems our dream job is available in Devon thanks to the good people at Internet Eyes, a company which offers up to a grand for anyone who signs up to their CCTV surveillance operation and spots someone committing a crime.
The service works by employing an army of registered armchair snoopers who watch hours of CCTV footage from cameras in stores and high streets across the country.
“The problem with CCTV is that while cameras are practically everywhere, there’s hardly anyone watching them in real time,” said founder of Internet Eyes, Tony Morgan. “Most people know this, so CCTV is no longer the deterrent it used to be, and crime is rising.”
Call us traditionalists, but we’ll stick to phoning the police if we spot someone committing a crime.