Cat Sniffing Tests Smell Like BullA New York Federal Judge has banned Clorox Pet Products Co. from airing their TV ad for cat litter.

The ad claims that a smell test proves that their product is much better than rival Church & Dwight Co. Inc.’s Arm & Hammer brand.

The judge said that he found it “highly implausible” that 11 panelists would “stick their noses in jars of excrement and report 44 independent times that they smelled nothing unpleasant.” He added that he believed the claims to be “literally false.”

Oakland, California based Clorox has expressed disappointment in Tuesday’s ruling. It says it defends the ad’s truthfulness.
Princeton, New Jersey based Church & Dwight have made no comment.

My response to the judge would be that you’d be surprised at what some people would do for money. Litter sniffing is nothing.

By Lewis Roe

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