kerry katonaWE at BBM are wondering how long it will be before an angry mob form and hunt down the sadistic shithead that is Mark Croft.
In a recent interview, the wanker revealed just how much he did to help ruin his soon to be ex-wife’s career, admitting that he used to take money from the press to tip them off about Kerry Katona’s whereabouts.
“When I did earn money by tipping people off she went mad, I would tell photographers where she was going and get paid for it.
“Kerry went mental when she found out – but it didn’t stop me, I don’t feel guilty. She said ‘Don’t fucking do this to me. It makes me look stupid.’ I told her we get stuff out of it. It is a bit shitty but it was worth a few hundred quid.
“If I hadn’t done it somebody else would have done.”
Nice to know you can trust those closest to you.