Car Thief Threatens to Eat Police, Children and DogsIt’s been an interesting week for fleeing criminals. From a drunk driver swimming away from police, to a Japanese prisoner escaping in his pants, to the latest story: a car thief threatening to eat his arresting officers, their children AND their dogs.

Paul M. Brock, 39, was charged with seven criminal offences this week after police tracked him down in a stolen vehicle at a petrol station in the Tippecanoe area, Indiana – though he didn’t give up easily.

As police approached Brock made a run for it, prompting the feds to set their dogs on him, two of which suffered a bashing as Brock kicked them in the head in a bid to escape.

When Brock was taken to the hospital for medical clearance, he reportedly told police he would hunt them down and eat them, their dogs and their entire families. He also demanded to be let out of his handcuffs so he could assault police officers. STONE-COLD-NUTTER.

Brock was eventually charged with two counts of auto theft, resisting law enforcement, intimidation, operating a vehicle with a blood-alcohol content of 0.15 percent or more and striking a law enforcement animal.

Brock is currently in Tippecanoe County Jail on a bail of $25,000, no doubt paying close attention to Silence of the Lambs and some of Koreas finest recipe books. Tasty.

By Rebecca Jones
Twitter: @RebeccaEJones

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