BY the time you read this, the number of women claiming to have slept with Tiger Woods should be approaching triple figures.

Every time we flick on the news, it’s like we’re watching Soccer Saturday with Jeff Stelling… “and there’s been another one! Let’s see who it is this time… Chris Kamara.”

The body cotiger-woodsunt in Tiger’s lair, at the moment, stands at 11 with no less than two porn actresses involved. Well done son.

And we were even more delighted to discover that one of his fanny-flashing conquests was Holly Sampson (pictured) – who regularly entertained BBM on the Sci-Fi channel after 11pm back home as the title character in the soft-porn series Emmanuelle 2000.

We can’t remember the plot of the show, because we usually had it on mute with a box of tissues nearby, but we know she used to wear some kind of alien tiara type thing that made people have sex. It was Oscar-material stuff.

And it seems we’re not alone in appreciating Ms Sampson’s acting abilities, with The Sun reporting that starring Sampson, was set to become Britain’s best-selling porn video following a rush of sales. What a coincidence! We’re sure that’s not what she intended at all…