HE’S a killer clad in black, a master of stealth and surprise trained to deadly effect by a martial arts master and sworn to battle evil in all its forms. Watch your back Delia Smith, the Norwich Ninja’s on the prowl!

Hailing from the mystic lands of the far east (Norfolk), father-of-one Martin Faulks has spent six years learning the secret arts of the legendary Japanese killers and has now unleashed his hand-to-hand fury on an unsuspecting East Anglia underworld. Think Batman… but shitter.

His feats include chasing a burglar who “almost died of shock”, karate-chopping a mugger and tackling a thug attacking a girl.

“For me, being a ninja is about being a person who can help others. I think every martial artist has a duty to protect those around them. We are the bodyguards of the world,” said mystery man Martin.

And now he flits through the mean streets of Norwich like a shadow of death silently bringing swift and brutal justice to those who prey on the helpless.

Except for the time he fell out of a tree and hurt his shoulder. Or the time he was bitten by a fox (seriously). Apart from that, he’s a ruthless killer who says he can move through woods like a panther, vanish “in a puff of smoke”, silently pick locks and endure extremes of cold and heat.

But being a ninja isn’t all fighting the forces of evil. It has its domestic drawbacks.

“My wife doesn’t really appreciate me creeping in and materialising beside her when she hasn’t heard the door unlock or the stairs creak or anyone in the room,” said Martin hilariously.