Boy Sells Kidney For iPhoneA 17 year old sold his kidney for £2000 to pay for an iPhone and iPad.

The boy, idetinified only by his surname Wang, admitted to his mother that he had sold his kidney when she questioned where he had got the Apple equipment.

Five people, including the surgeon who carried out the operation, have been charged with intentional injury, as one defendant was paid £22,000 to arrange the surgery.

The £20,000 left over after Wang’s share was then split between the surgeon, three defendants and other medical staff.

Wang, who is from Anhui, one of China’s poorest provinces, now suffers from renal deficiency.

Apple products are priced far above the reach of many of China’s inhabitants, despite being a hugely popular product, as iPhones start at £400 and iPads at £300.

Patients in China often have to travel overseas and to black markets for human organs as so few people who need organ transplants in China are able to get them.

By Ella White


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