Easter Bunny Arrested For DrugsThis all sounds a little Bad Santa for our liking, the Easter Bunny has been arrested for the possession of prescription narcotics that he was not prescribed for. Um! We’re telling!

Joshua Lee Bolling was observed “acting suspicious” in his downtime as the Piedmont Mall Easter Bunny and was found to be in possession of pills that he was carrying no prescription for. Apparently the Easter Bunny was only being weird when he was taking his breaks, but not whilst he was with children.

Surely you’d need to take drugs if you had to hop around like a giant camp bunny all day long whilst getting molested by five-year-olds dribbling chocolate and snot all over you?

BBM holds no judgement toward our seasonal chum. Lord knows it’s a stressful time of year of you Easter Bunny. Why not give the Tooth Fairy and Thumbelina a call and get them round for some r & r.

By Fanny Frangipane

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