att00001EVER heard the phrase ‘you don’t know Jack’? Well it blatantly doesn’t apply to Irish people who insist on naming their offspring after Hollywood stars like Nicholson, Black and Chan.

Jack’ is the most popular name in the country for newborn boys for a third year running.

A total of 1,061 boys were registered Jack last year, well ahead of the second most common name Sean (927), followed by Daniel (832), Conor (775) and James (705). We don’t have the official records to hand, but we think it’s a safe bet that no boys were named Thierry. Or Henry.

Meanwhile, Sophies are on the up in the women’s league, rising from sixth in 2008 to go top of the girly tree.

There were six first-time entries to the top 100 for girls: Daisy, Emilia, Layla, Madison, Oliwia and Hollie. Oliwia? Surely that just means there are more parents in Ireland with bad lisps who wanted to call their daughter Olivia?

Three entries made it on to the boys’ list for the first time: Bobby, Shay and the Polish name Szymon. It might not sound Irish, but it’s a bloody good name for Hangman.