A woman in Listowel, Co. Kerry turned up to a charity shop in great distress stating that she had accidently left €5,000 in the toe of an old pair of boots which she had donated to the store the week before. The woman maintained she had used the boots to stash €5,000 and had accidently left them at the charity shop amongst several other items of clothing and shoes which she gave to the store.

Charity shop workers tried to assist the woman but soon discovered that the boots had indeed been sold. A sign in the shop window appealing to the possible boot buyer has also not had any success in retrieving the wayward cash. Banks, boots, it turns out nowhere is safe in Ireland.

It has also been alleged that the woman is now in talks with some of the folks in the government buildings about getting a job, as they don’t mind when people are irresponsible with great swathes of money. One thing is for certain though, and there is likely someone very well heeled traipsing around Listowel this week, geddit?!