boob jobThree people have been arrested and punished after getting caught selling drugs from a breast enlargement. Ok, so they didn’t actually stuff a woman’s tits full of smack and walk down the street ejecting the substance into the mouths of local crack whores by tweaking the nipples, but seeing as the couple were on benefits, yet seemed to be able to afford a boob job, it was a dead giveaway. Julie Coyne, the partner of George Kelly, of Gateshead on Tyneside, have both since been sentenced for their drug dealing. Kelly has to spend two and half years in prison whilst partner Coyne has six months community service to be getting on with, lets hope the breasts don’t get in the way. A co-conspiritor was also found and sentenced to two and a half years in prison. All three also face eviction from their houses and all because a nosey neighbors suspected how a boob job could be afforded and phoned the police who raided the couples property. £30,000 worth of cocaine was found along with the receipts for the enlargement, Rolex watches, boxing memorabilia and a stash of cash. Just goes to show, breast enlargements are not always the way forward.