Biggest Union Strike In Britain Over PensionsOh what a long day it’s been for most of Britain, what with all the union strikes and that.

Christ the lack of trains, the inconvenience when we got our knob caught in our zipper earlier and there being no one at A & E to free it, and then to top it all off – couldn’t jet off on a plane for me pasta in Rome for tea neither. Bloody strikes are a frickin’ nuisance aren’t they?

But hang on they want us buggers to keep working til we’re 67, pay more of our salary/beer money into our pensions, but won’t get it til we’re 67. Well sod that. All you lazy buggers, sorry, Union workers who went on strike today, we support you and hope you enjoyed your day off.

However next time Britain’s Unions decides to go on strike, can you please make sure it’s on a Saturday when we don’t have to leave the house and work. Also dearest Union, don’t strike before Christmas when people need to not have to take the day off to look after the kids. Everyone needs their wages for Christmas pressies. We’re just saying.

Strike facts…

Private sector workers on average pay around 3.5% into their pensions
Public sector workers (so civil servants, teachers, NHS workers) are paying 5% but being asked to pay 6.6%.

Strike in Numbers

Council workers on strike (England, Scotland and Wales)
Unions backing strike


Appointment cancellations
Operation cancellations
Schools closed

UK total
Northern Ireland

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