Battle Of The Sexes Round 1: ParkingTo all men who love to rub it in that women are dodgy parkers and men are better, you could be proved wrong according to latest statistics. Stats show that women are in fact BETTER at parking than men (gasp!). After all those years of mocking, the men have been proved wrong.

Surveys show that while women take longer to park, they are the most likely to leave their car in the middle of the bay as well as using the correct technique to park their cars. I would love to go through with you the correct procedure of parking your car perfectly, but as a man myself I’m sure my advice wouldn’t be useful according to stats.

Women have an average parking coefficient score of 13.4, whereas the men’s average score is 12.3. However women average 21 seconds to park, whereas men have an average of 16 seconds. This statistic links in to how impatient men are and is part of the reason why women, who take longer and are more patient, get in the middle of the bay more regularly. I’d like to see a celebrity park off to determine the winner. Bruce Forsythe is the host and we get two celebrities to park against each other. The winner gets to drive Bruce to the old folk’s home.

By Jason Barr

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