Lil Lily Robinson Changes The Face Of GiraffesAh, remember the days when Giraffe Bread was called Tiger Bread? A phrase you can utter to your kids in the future as, believe it or not, Sainsbury’s have renamed Tiger Bread as Giraffe Bread.

The change follows a request from 3-and-a-half-year-old Lily Robinson who wrote to Sainsbury’s asking why Tiger Bread wasn’t called Giraffe Bread, obvious when you think about it.

Unbelievably, soon after starting a Facebook campaign to get Tiger bread renamed, lil’ Lily recieved a letter from manager Chris King saying: “I think renaming the bread giraffe bread is a brilliant idea – it does look more like the blotches on a giraffe than the stripes on a tiger, doesn’t it?”

Not only did Lily get her wish but a £3 gift card for the store as well! Not even Jim could have fixed that one (rest in piece medallion man).

The name change is only temporary at the moment as Sainsbury’s want to first guage its popularity; if lil’ Lily’s idea doesn’t take off then fear not, Mr. Sainsbury will change the name back. Though if you ask us, we think it’s time to let the eye of the Tiger sleep and the glory of the Giraffe shine.

By Jason Barr

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