Apples Fall from the Sky in CoventryThe good people of Coventry had a shock this week after they discovered the apple does fall from the tree after all as over 100 apples were dumped on motorists on a main road in Keresley.

Drivers were forced to swerve and brake as the apples fell from the sky, thought to have been swept up in a freak vortex.

The UK is currently being battered by gale force winds that reached up to 165 mph in Scotland, leaving many without electricity or water.

A senior meteorologist from British Weather Services, said: “The weather we have at the moment is very volatile and we probably have more to come.

“Essentially these events are caused when a vortex of air, kind of like a mini tornado, lifts things off the ground rising up into the atmosphere until the air around it causes them to fall to earth again.

However, a freak black-out happened on the same road last year which has led Keresley parish councillor Sandra Camwell to another explanation for the falling apples.

She said: “Strange things do happen in this part of the world. I think it’s highly likely that apples did fall from the sky. We’re in an area with a spooky history, where there have been witches for centuries, after all.”

Those pesky witches – what will they think of next?

By Rebecca Jones
Twitter: @RebeccaEJones

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