WOMEN. The bane of, and reason for, our existence on this world. Unless you’re a straight female, in which case we apologise for leaving you out.

Look at Nigel, who won the $56million lottery jackpot earlier this year. He’s a nice (and very rich) gentleman, who decided to give his $235,000 home to his former cleaner, and has helped local charities and friends with payouts. For a magazine that would blow it all on booze, girls and a night at the casino, colour us impressed with Nigel.

But the party police rolled up and Nigel’s ex-wife, who we’d like to point out was cheating on Nigel during their marriage, decided to take legal action against him and walked away with $2 million from the lottery winnings.

Worse still, Nigel was planning to give her a $1 million gift before the lawsuit. Absolutely ridiculously worse!! He offered to put the $2million in a trust fund for their 13-year-old daughter. This was vetoed by the ex-wife. What a swine of a homewrecker (pictured).