Romeo and JulietAS the absence of our left testicle proves, it’s not a good idea to arrange a trip to see your ex-girlfriend if your current girlfriend is the jealous type.
But believe it or not, such suicidal behaviour is heartily encouraged at a village in Vietnam and, every year, for two days on the 26th and the 27th of the third month of the lunar calendar, the village of Khau Vai, strung along a saddle in the lush hills near China, is transformed into a “love market.”
Hundreds of members of Giay, Nung, Tay, Dzao, San Chi, Lo Lo and Hmong hill tribes, among others, trek in from across the mountainous districts nearby to meet up with old flames and discuss old feelings.
It’s all part of an ancient legend about a beautiful woman from one tribe who fell in love with a boy from another tribe. They had to keep their love a secret to prevent a war but agreed to meet one day every year.
Quite a romantic tradition really. Shame the locals use it just to have one guilt-free boink on their ex every year.