carlosSo they have arguably the best and by far the most well paid job on the earth but it seems that at the moment footballers just keep on doing dumb shit.
First Ashley Cole couldn’t keep his dick in his pants and was tempted away from his super-hot wife by some trashy hairdresser et ál.
Next up, John Terry was doing the dirty with his ex-team mate’s missus behind his back and now it’s the turn of Manchester City striker Carlos Tevez. It has been revealed that Tevez has been indulging in some nocturnal naughtiness with a glamour model all whilst his childhood sweetheart and mother of his two children nursed their six-week premature baby.
Tevez had publically stated that John Terry had “no moral code” over the Wayne Bridge saga but after enjoying secret hotel meetings and acting like “a love struck young couple” with glamour model and ex-cheerleader, Mariana Paesani (pictured with Tevez, above), it seems that him and John Terry could pick up a few tips from each other.
Here’s a tip for you – how about you learn to keep it in your fucking pants. Then maybe your wife won’t sue your ass for all that money you ‘earn’.