Photo of the man himselfFINE, we admit it. Sometimes we love Americans.

Some sick genius in Missouri is embarking on a very personal project. He’s making a quilt out of women’s underwear. Brilliant!

Everyone thought Louis Garrett was a little weird at first. Then he explained that he only starting making the sexy snuggy after he began dressing his mannequin collection in lingerie. Oh yeah, and his nickname is Shovelhead. No, really.

For a simple man he’s quite specific about his needs, “No polyester. I don’t want those cheap, dollar-store, not-sexy, farm-girl panties,” he demanded, “I want classy – silk or nylon. You know, sexy. Victoria’s Secret.”
But hey, don’t go looking for it on eBay (we’ve already tried). Shovelhead is quite sentimental when it comes to panties and vowed never to sell it as he has personal relationships with most of the women who give him their knickers.

We guess that’s why they call him Shovelhead. Wink wink.

Wait. We don’t get it.