A Bit-too-much Room to Swing a CatThe RSPCA are now actively searching for a man who was caught on CCTV swinging a cat by its tail.

The attack, labelled by many as “sickening,” saw the man swing the cat more than fourteen times close to railings and parked cars.

The cat’s owner, Michelle Buchanan, said that on the night she heard ‘demonic’ laughs outside her house and was horrified when she looked out of her window to see the object of fun was her cat Mowgli.

Though not physically harmed, Mowgli is said to be “distraught.” Buchanan said:”Mowgli is emotional, he won’t go out the door. He used to be outside constantly”.

The story has incensed the British cat loving public, prompting many to predict the same level of outcry that occurred when Mary Bale popped a cat in a bin on her way to work last year. So angered were the Brits that Bale received death threats and had to be given police protection.

The backlash has already started with some commentators labelling the unidentified man as an example of ‘what has become of our society,’ and most would like to see him ‘swung round by the balls.’ Ouch.

Click here to see the shocking footage.

By Rebecca Jones – Twitter: RebeccaEJones