A 94-year-old grandmother was attacked by a kangaroo in Queensland, Australia.
The wrinkly Sheila was hanging out her laundry in Charleville when the marauding marsupial took a dislike to her grundies and went for her.
Phyllis Johnson tried to fight the red roo, the largest kangaroo in Australia, with a broom but was knocked to the ground and had to crawl to safety. ‘’I happened to have a broom nearby and I just started swinging at it. I bashed it on the head but it kept going for me. Not even the dog would help, it was too frightened,” she said.
Her son pepper sprayed the roo before the police arrived, only for the feisty animal to lunge at two officers before wildlife rangers managed to trap it.
Mrs Johnson was admitted to hospital with a ‘missing chunk of flesh’ from her leg.
The kangaroo later escaped and went on the rampage at neighbouring nursing homes, knocking out a suspiciously young looking ‘Mr D Haye’ who later blamed his defeat on a broken toe.

By Jonathan Anderson