A senior Catholic Church leader has slammed the Irish government’s determination to force priests to reveal child sex abuse claims made in confessional boxes as the row between Ireland and the Vatican intensifies.

As Papal Nuncio (popes henchman) to Ireland Monsignor Giuseppe Leanza prepares to return to Rome on the orders of the Pope, Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny has engaged in another war of words with the Holy See.
Kenny and his Justice Minister Alan Shatter have again pledged to force priests to reveal anything they hear in the confessional box connected with child sex abuse. Irish people forcing the priests to do stuff? Ohhh how the tables have turned!
Archbishop Gianfranco Girotti, of the Vatican’s Apostolic Penitentiary, has slammed the suggestion that priests should break the secrets of the confessional box and reveal details of clergy accused of child sex abuse.
Holding his hand over an Altar boys mouth whilst flicking through his copy of Mardi Gras monthly, Girotti said “Ireland can approve all the laws it wants but it should know the church will never allow itself the obligation to betray the confessional to civil authorities. It is absurd to think that priests should be obliged to betray what is said in the confessional box.” (or wank booth as it is known in the priests’ cafeteria)
Oh really, how silly of us to think we should protect the children and not the paedophiles.
Reports that Girottis own confession box has ‘a glory hole’ are so far unconfirmed.

By Mickey Maguire