WHEN people are fat, it is society’s job to mock them until they feel so awful about themselves that they lose the weight. Right?

BBM likes Lu Yuncheng’s approach.

His kid, Hao, is a whopper at only three years old and weighing 132 lbs (59kg). That’s about five times the average weight for his age. It seems, however, that his father has been keeping a keen eye on his health.

“We took him to three hospitals and one said he has a tumour in the head, while the other two (pictured) said there is no tumour in the head,” said Yuncheng.

Presumably a tumour wouldn’t fit.

Poor kid seems pretty depressed about it too. When asked if he would like to fly like Superman he said, “No. I am too fat.” Ah well, there’s nothing like the soothing words of your father to make you feel better about yourself.

“He is quite happy that I could ride him to kindergarten instead of walking him there,” said Yuncheng.

Okay, he might be fat but riding him seems a little degrading. Should get the heart rate up though so it’s not all bad news.