Woman finds out Boyfriend is a Girl after 6 years of Sex

We really can’t quite fathom what is wrong with some people. It has emerged that a woman has only just found out that her “boyfriend” of six years was actually a woman. Samantha Brooks, 26, had apparently made love to the woman (who wishes to remain anonymous, so the whole world doesn’t realize how dumb she is) every time they met. Samanta Brooks used the name Lee and used to brag about having fathered 9 children by another woman. Apparently the woman’s family had been rather suspicious of Lee, her uncle commenting, “Well he doesn’t have an Adam’s apple and he shakes hands like a bitch – that’s a lassie.” Perhaps Uncle Obvious should’ve expressed his concerns a little more blatantly to his dimwitted niece. During “his” deception Lee would bandage his breasts saying he had bad burn scars, he wouldn’t get naked in front of his partner saying he was self-conscious following testicular cancer, and we’re gathering he was rather popular with the local dogs from carrying that sausage around in his pocket all the time.