Winter Weather Is Finally HereAh that was one awesome October we spent down the park with the Hawaiian tropics out, working on our Autumn tan. Alas that freak weather is way behind us now.

As thick fog set in over Sunday and Monday, the UK began to grind to the hault that happens every time we experience a bit of severe weather. Heathrow grounded more than 60 flights in and out of the airport, and roads were a mindfield with exceptionally poor visibility.

Come Tuesday the fog is still here, and apparently snow is on its way for next week. So basically we’re back to typical November weather, yet because we had one month of hot weather late in the year, we will not be able to cope. Planes will be grounded, trains will be delayed, and we’ll all have to ‘slip’ on the ice so we don’t have to go to work and can go and build snowmen in the park. Ok and pelt small children with snow balls.

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