Window of opportunity will Gary Cahill go to Chelsea“Jack Frost roasting on an open fire, chipmunks nipping at your nose.” Yes it’s almost that time of year again readers. A time when some football fans wake up in the morning to find out they’ve gotten everything they asked for (Man City fans) while others wake up to find someone’s broken into their homes and stolen all their best stuff (Everton fans).

Yes it’s January transfer window time again and who’s that coming down BBM’s chimney? Why it’s Father Wishlist! So what better time to pick his brains about the rumours currently circulating at the bottom of every manager’s festive transfer sack. Marvelous.

First up, Chelsea, who think the answer to their problems (their main problem being they’re already out of the title race) is Bolton’s Gary Cahill, also known as John Terry Mk II. Depending on which rag you read, the general consensus is Chelsea will bid around £7million for him come January, with Spurs their main competition. This clearly means Chelsea think they don’t have enough John Terrys in their team. Ironically, England’s problem is they have too many.

Another player linked to Chelsea is Palermo midfielder Josip Ilicic, who’s agent has recently come out to say he won’t be going anywhere in January. In agent speak, this translates ‘please pay a ridiculous sum of money for my client so I can have my tidy 10 per cent.’

Meanwhile, perennial also-rans Arsenal are reportedly interested in Dortmund’s 19-year-old starlet Mario Gotze.

Having only just gone through puberty, he certainly fits the Arsenal bill – so will Arsene Wenger for once have the courage to back his instincts and pay the £30million Dortmund reckon he’s worth? Almost certainly not.
Funniest rumour so far? Rooney to Madrid for £55million. Remind us never to read the International Business Times website again. It even sounds like a made-up paper.

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