Victory Loses KewellJust when it looked like Australians were waking up the fact that Harry Kewell hasn’t been very good for about five years now, the former Liverpool sicknote has done a runner from the A-League and left Melbourne Victory.

Apparently his wife, that bird off Emmerdale, has got a sick mum back in Blighty and the couple want to go back to take care of her. We’re sure the fact that another season in the A-League would have further tarnished his undeserved god-like image in Australia probably had something to do with it as well.

”I was about to go to dinner and I was told that Harry wouldn’t be with us next year. I had a very brief conversation with him, then I went out to dinner. Actually after a couple of bottles of red I stayed awake most of the night,” Victory coach Ange Postecoglou said.

”It’s disappointing because I believe he had so much to offer on and off the field, and I also maintain that foreigners like Harry – and they are foreigners, coming from a different situation that we’re in – are always more effective in their second year.

”They have to get used to certain things and he probably would have been far better off this year in his second term as he’s already experienced a year in the competition.”

In other news, the A-League new club has finally been given a name – the West Sydney Wanderers. It would have been a much more impressive announcement but a cock-up with next season’s fixture list let everyone know the name a week in advance. Smooth move.

Wanderers boss Tony Popovic has the unenviable task of building an entire squad in a few short weeks. Not only that, the club are banned from signing a marquee player – which basically means they’re going to get battered next season. Good luck with that Tony.

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