US Man Shoots Himself at Gun ShowThe title of this article is pretty much all you need for a laugh, but we’ll give you the rest anyway…

A 26-year-old US man from – yep, you guessed it – Georgia last weekend managed to shoot himself in the leg as he was leaving a gun show.

Charles Lake shot a round into his leg at around 5pm on Sunday (5th Feb) as he was reloading his gun in the car park of the Savannah Civic Center, where the gun show was being held.

Lake was reloading the pistol because, crazily, show-goers are not allowed loaded pistols inside. Pfft – health and safety gone mad or what?

According to a show spokesman, the gun enthusiast bought one gun on Saturday and had returned on Sunday to buy another.

Thankfully (we think), the injury was not life threatening and Lake is said to be recovering well.

However, it has led the US government to consider coming into the 21st Century and revise their gun laws. Oh no wait, no: they’re going to keep allowing morons to carry deadly weapons. Silly us!

By Rebecca Jones
Twitter: RebeccaEjones

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