Relief has come for BBM’s UK headquarters, as London appears to finally be calming down after 3 nights of unrest on the streets.

With 16,000 police dispatched to keep the unruly youth of London under control, there was an eerie atmosphere on the streets of London yesterday. Shops were closed early in and around London, and people were sent home as the smoke plumed near to their offices in Central London. A city unable to sleep, people have been glued to Twitter to keep up with what has been going on in their local areas, and the news channels have been left running in case of emergency. Not since the July bombings of 2005 have Londoners felt so uneasy.
Another night of terror was seen across the UK last night as Manchester and Birmingham continued to be blighted by fires and looting. However in the wake of London’s 3 days of terror communities have begun pulling together in order to show these kids that they will not getting their hands on any more of our stuff, or burning out any more cars and homes.
With little rhyme or reason being clear as to why the youth of Britain have reacted in this mobbish way, and destroying everything in their path, what is clear is that there is no political motivation as they’ve been exclaiming to cameras “We want our taxes back” despite the fact that most of the rioters aren’t even old enough to work, and definitely too lazy to work. Becoming more copy cat and trend based it is most certainly one of the worst fads we’ve ever seen, and we’d like to inform the little shits that rioting is sooo last week!
With communitees pulling together, such as men standing chained to the front of their local pubs, and temples having their whole entire community standing outside, and usual would be hoodlums from gangs professing to beat the crap out of rioters if they find them in their area, it has been interesting to see the reactions of people toward these utter assholes who are ruining their own towns, amenities and economy. However we’re sure they may well realize this tomorrow when they’ve got no job centre to pick up their benefit money from.
Oh and utter shocker, Waterstones the book retailer has remained free of damage throughout this terrible saga!