TV saves likesNo longer can parents moan about their kids watching TV or say that “it’s rotting your brains”, – just ask fourteen-year-old Jake Denham.

Stuck in sub-zero temperatures whilst on a skiing holiday with his parents in Oregon, the teenager recalled an episode of Man vs Wild and copied host Bear Grylls’ survival tactics. Building a cave to shelter in and following ski trails around the mountain meant that rescuers easily found him. He was lucky to only have been suffering from hypothermia after 9 hours, if the young lad hadn’t of looked after himself it would have been far worse.

Jake himself stated that, “I wanted to live my life and not die. My clothes were like ice and I couldn’t stretch them and my gloves had frozen shut.” Mum Becky, was just shocked that he managed to stay warm enough to save himself.

So now we know that the likes of Bear Grylls and Ray Mears make for useful viewing, we’re wondering what we can learn from Cheryl Cole and Dale Winton…

By Maddie Daniels