Tulisa Cringes Over Vibrating Suitcase...“Most cringe moment of her life” is probably a pretty accurate description of the events that ensued at Miami airport yesterday.

Guards spotted her case vibrating as she boarded the plane back to England. But she can’t have been all that embarrassed, as she chose to share the incident with her 1.6 million followers.

She tweeted: “Most cringe moment of my life. Checkin in ‘Mam.. ur suitcase is vibrating.. can u open ur case n turn what eva that is off’.. just kill me.”

Since splitting with bandmate boyfriend, Fazer in January, Tulisa has often refered to her sex toys. On Valentine’s Day she was pictured in a sex shop with best friend and PA Gareth Varey, where she tweeted: “Hope u had a happy valentines muffins… goodnight tweeplings… morning wabbit… peace I’m out…x”

In another message she wrote to Varey, who was recently spotted sporting a tattoo of her name: “@GarethVarey bring on miami… ipods, drink, la charanga and wabbits… what more does a girl need?”
Tulisa has been working on her solo album and filming the video for her first single, inbetween soaking up the sun in the beach resort, and said of her departure: “I don’t wanna leave its cold back home.”

But she soon recovered from her embarrassment, as she fantasised of more modest home comforts, as she tweeted following her landing: She wrote: “I’m starvin, once I get back I’m getting straight in that kitchen, think its roast dinner time, I dunno how Americans survive Sundays.”

By Ella White


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