girls climbing on trafalgar square lionsTourists will soon be banned from climbing on top of the 144 year old lions in Trafalgar Square as they are falling apart from the years of damage. We have all been there; it’s almost a ritual when visiting London that it isn’t complete without a picture taken of you riding on top.

This recommendation has come from special consultants for the Greater London Authority (GLA) who look after the monuments. Not sitting of top of these lions would be like not being allowed to go up the Eiffel Tower in Paris. If it means saving the hollow lions then by all means we are up for it. Inside the hollow structures “numerous examples of cracking” were found as well as litter, which is pushed in through the mouths. We’re thinking they should perhaps temporarily replace the false lions with real ones, and see if people still want to climb on their backs and push litter through their mouths, that’ll learn em’! We’d also like to point out that at no point have any of BBM’s UK team been caught doing such things in Trafalgar Square, and definitely haven’t urinated in the fountain, or entertained the thought of adding fairy up liquid.