the ultimate bridezilla fat bride steals £170,000 for weddingWe all know women can go a little loopy in the lead up to their wedding day but Kirsty Lane of Lancashire took her cake and ate it in front of her boss at her lavish £170,000 wedding after she stole the money from his company. Naturally boss, Peter Sutton became suspicious of how his part-time accounts clerk could afford a ceremony that included a harpist, saxophone player, magician, face painting and feathered masks for her guests, fireworks, two bands and a free bar when she stupidly invited him to the do.
Lane admitted 122 counts of fraud at Leyland Magistrates’ Court for stealing from audio-visual company Pure AV, in the Lancashire town, where she worked until January this year. She pleaded guilty to ten counts of fraud worth a total of £38,000. A further 112 counts were asked to be taken into consideration.
What we don’t understand about all of this is why on earth the chubby bride failed to get liposuction before her wedding day.

By Bertha Balls-Mavis