1237466918_cowsGETTING married is one of the most stressful experiences a man can go through.

Especially when your bride-to-be is a cow you were caught trying to have sex with after claiming it flirted with you, as was the case with unemployed Bali teenager Ngurah Alit this week.

In fact the big day was so stressful for Alit, he collapsed at the altar before he could put a ring on the hoof of his beautiful moo bride.

The unemployed cattle prodder had earlier been caught standing naked behind the animal in a paddy field, claiming he believed the cow was a young and beautiful woman that had seduced him with flattering compliments.

Naturally, the local authorities were left with no choice – and forced the kid to marry the cow to cleanse the coastal village of Yeh Embang of bad ju-ju.

But during the ritual Alit passed out as locals looked on and his mother began screaming.

Alas, the bride’s sudden rise in social status didn’t last long. She was drowned after the ceremony as part of the cleansing process.