thesexfactorYou’re quite lucky if you’re over in Australia and don’t get to witness the atrocity that is The X Factor as that way you didn’t get to see hideous contestant Chloe Mafia who completely ballsed up her audition but somehow got over the cattle grid to the next round by showing off her midriff and getting the better of Simon Cowell’s pervy old nature. As the nation sighed at the site of this train wreck of a northern wench, who has previously been on TV show Snog, Marry, Avoid, we’re glad that she wasn’t fooling anyone for long and that it emerged that she is in fact a prostitute, and had been using her time in London to rake in some extra dosh. Apparently Mafia is part of a four piece prostitute ring called the Yorkshire Hotties who advertise themselves with this delightful bit of promo, “If you would like a mind-blowing two, three, four girl experience just pick your girls and send an email! All girls are bi-sexual and bookings are available at short notice!” Simon Cowell is said to be furious that Mafia used the show to advertise her services and that she had been ditching boot camp to escort/shag – whatever you want to call it. Oh and did we mention she’s got a 18 month old baby as well. Scandalous.