Photo of Donatella VersaceCAREERS day was always so boring when BBM was at school. Ten teachers, a lawyer who didn’t show up and not a fireman in sight. We’re really starting to wish we went to Shady Grove Elementary.

And not just because it sounds like a psych ward.

This year kids got to see and touch more than they bargained for during show and tell when a plastic surgeon brought in some tasty breast implants.

Some strict and unadventurous parents are venting their anger by putting together a peer-reviewed article about the incident. No wait, this is America, so they’re whinging about it on Facebook.

“I’m still shocked and appalled that my 9-year-old saw and touched a breast implant,” one parent writes. “I specifically had mine removed when I was breast-feeding!”

When asked for a comment one student reported he’d learnt a lot. “Now I know that more than a handful is definitely not a waste,” he drooled.